Collaborator : Dallas Cosmas



Dallas has been a stalwart of Melbourne’s thriving music scene for around 3 decades writing, performing and recording, also touring nationally around Australia holding down multi-instrumental work. He has performed and produced in all styles for groups, solo and cinematic work. This work includes local and international digital releases including Aria-charting albums…

“Earliest memory? The upright grand piano in the back room. Flash forward, age 9 constructing multi tracks between cassette recorders. About 14 I discovered the cerebral heights of stereo panning via Revolver on a Walkman. Got hold of a bass and plunged into ambitious music that has kept me chasing that ‘moment’ ever since.”

Dallas’ music is infused with the joy and bruises of life itself – and the many fine friends/musicians encountered on the journey (Paul Richards, Russell Morris, Bindy Cohen, Mark Hughes, Susan Hume, Simon Segal, Kate Ceberano, Martin Pullan).


(photo – Ian Laidlaw)