Collaborator : Kate Ceberano & Dallas Cosmas



Part-time songwriting team & production collaborators, Dallas & Kate wrote the title track for the ARIA top – ten release, So Much Beauty.¬†This led to the long-player, ‘Dallas et Kate’, and the recent Top 30 interpretation of The Little Things on the Kensal Road album.

“This is a journey through creativity where Kate lets go of everything and says exactly what she wants to say. Witness the intimacy and beauty that is Kate Ceberano together with the ever-musical Dallas Cosmas.The beautiful coincidence that has brought the lush vocals of Kate Ceberano and emotive production of Dallas Cosmas together has resulted in the cinematic-pop that is ‘Dallas et Kate’. Twelve original compositions exploring melodic themes of the connectivity that is our life in this time and space… This record is a collaboration, produced by Dallas with full input from the Wonderfulls and friends.” -¬†APRA Magazine.


(photo – Kathryn McCool)