Release : Dr Keith Medicine Woman

Artist: Wally Hite Rankin


Get ready for the earth tremors and shakes of Wally Hite Rankin on the EP -  Doctor Keith Medicine Woman. This debut release comes in volumes of light and shade.

  • 1  I,I,I
  • 2 Share My Light
  • 3  Where You Lie
  • 4  Wrecking Ball
  • 5  Wont Tell You a Lie
  • 6  Walking
  • 7  Sweet Olivia

guitars, lefthand piano, tac-bass, shakers, vox – Wally Rankin

drumkits, shakers – Paul Richards

bass, keys, harmonies – Dallas Cosmas

harmonies –  Nicole Douglas

Engineering - Wayne Rintoul

Produced by Dallas Cosmas

Released March 2015

A Prototype Musique Production.