Release : Farewell From The Lighthouse

Artist: Dallas Cosmas

Following the critically lauded previous releases comes Dallas’ next step featuring the same creatively free thinking Prototype team, climbing to the #1 position on Twitter streaming charts and remaining in the Top 40 for over 2 months.
Intense songwriting, reflecting on personal loss and the aftermath – This is Farewell From The Lighthouse.

1. From This Place

2. Things We Said

3. Where Did You Go

4. Fallen Day

5. Singapore

6. Dragonfly

Dallas Cosmas – Vox, Bass, Guitars, Keys

Paul Richards – Drums

Simon Segal – Keys, Guitars, Treatments

Bindy Cohen – Drums

Wayne Rintoul – Backing Vox

Evan Englezos – Piano

Nathalie Cosmas – Snap

Sophia Cosmas – Layout

All songs © 2015 Cosmas

Recorded by Segal/Rintoul

Dedicated to our dear ones. Once here, now dissappeared.