Release : The United States of Your Soul

Artist: Dallas Cosmas






Second album album with explosive musicianship featuring The Wonderfulls on a song-cycle testifying the personal & political. .

1. The United States of Your Soul
2. After the War
3. What Now, Lord
4. The Snare in A
5. Aint it a shame
6. Some Time
7. Radio Waves
8. Anywhere Else
9. Black is the colour
10. Voila les Clowns
11. Open Up
12. Papergold
13. Canyons
14. Window Man
15. Let’s Make Believe

+ Video: Black is the colour

Released: 09-06-2006

Produced by Dallas Cosmas and Simon Segal @ Wingate Studios

vocals,bass,piano,additional guitars – Dallas Cosmas

arranged with the Wonderfulls:

drums,percussion,backing vox – Bindy Cohen

slides,guitars,backing vox – Matthew Shadwick

sonic guitars,vocals – Wally Rankin

additional keys,duet – Simon Segal

surprise duet – Nathalie Cosmas

Engineered by Simon Segal,Bindy Cohen,Dallas Cosmas,Geoff Marquis

photography/artwork: Benjamin Charavner, John Englezos, Nathalie Cosmas.

engineering: Bindy Cohen,Simon Segal,Dallas Cosmas.

mastering: Martin Pullan @ Edensound

All songs Cosmas © 2006